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The Perfect Lesson
By: Bill Lussenheide
Menifee, CA USA

In the beginning God formed two human beings that were perfect in every way. They were strong, muscular, beautiful, formed exquisitely in every area. In spite of being given quick minds and perfect bodies … They Still Failed!

Later God took a nation out of Egypt and gave them his perfect law to govern them in addition to giving them a perfect land flowing with milk and honey. The finest set of laws that mankind ever has witnessed. A blessed land! Yet in spite of a system of laws for Israel and a territory that could not be surpassed …They Still Failed!

The people requested a King and God granted their wish. The King that God gave them was tall, he was handsome, he was a great warrior, and he was popular. In the human world of Kings, he stood out as perfect a human leader as any in the entire Middle East; Yet he failed!

In the era of the New Testament, 12 Disciples were given 3 ½ years. of perfect training by their Master. Yet in spite of this loving and personal training, when the time of test came at the crucifixion, all but John ran away like cowards… They failed!

Late in the Christian era God allowed His Church to have the perfect hierarchy. Everything that was attempted by this Church was with the attitude of being as perfect as possible. The perfect College, the perfect booklets and perfect magazines, the perfect "broadcast" the perfect ministers and the perfect Church members.
This Church even had perfect dichondra! (Lawns)Yet in spite of all the human attempts of this Church to be perfect….It still failed!

In the future, during the Millennium, there will be the most perfect of all human experiences, however, mankind will once again fail!

The lesson?
God has allowed us to experience the most perfect of all humanly possible environments to show us that even under the most ideal of situations, mankind will fail! God is demonstrating to us that no matter how ideal, or ingenious, or strong, mankind is always going to fail and come up short. We have to experience this first hand in order to finally submit to Christ, who indeed is the ONLY author and finisher of our faith! The ONLY savior we can truly have.

Is there a lesson here for us on how we should now move forward as a people?

May God Bless you all.
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