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What would Jesus Do?
By Mary Sue Youngblood

Jesus would tell the truth in all things!
He would keep the Ten Commandments which is to...
Speak against paganism!
He wouldn't disrespect our Holy Father in Heaven,

Jesus wouldn't worship pagan god's such as to wear a cross
He wouldn't partake in Sunday worship
He wouldn't partake in Christ-mass
He wouldn't partake in Easter

He wouldn't murder
He wouldn't lie
He wouldn't steel
He wouldn't commit adultery
He wouldn't approve of homosexuality
He wouldn't taunt or trip the blind

He wouldn't cheat people in business


But would Observe the seventh day Sabbath,
He would care for, and protect the elderly, blind and the poor,
He would care for and help children,
He would treat people with love and respect, and
He would start and end each day with love in His heart, and...
He would pray for the greatest blessing mankind could receive...

The Kingdom of God here on earth!

After all... out of His great love for all mankind He did give His life for our salvation.

May God Bless you all.
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