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By: Bill Lussenheide
Menifee, CA USA

In watching various news events of the last several years, it has become apparent to me that a subtle form of "hypnosis" and "torture" is affecting all of us both in the Church and in the world.

It is well known by those who practice torture and brainwashing techniques, that the violation of our psyche is a process of wearing ones resistance down over a period of time, and to produce confusion, fear and doubt. Mental violation must occur before the "change agents" can sway you to another way of thinking or action.

After the Columbine HS tragedy anyone who was watching the media was subject to hours upon hours for days of the same replays and pictures of students running out of the HS with their arms above their heads, the interviews with the grieving et al. It was coverage "Overkill" and produced panic, all this in spite of the fact that "Daily" there are 13 deaths occurring in schools that never get reported. The viewing audience gets violated repeatedly by the coverage, feels tortured, fearful and paranoid, and then the inner soul of individuals begins to cry out for relief from the pressure and pain. This is exactly what change agents love, and allows them to enact legislation's and controls that rob us of our sovereign freedoms.

Recent events in Kosovo, caused such pain in all of us that we cried out "We have to do something!" Yet in doing "something" it is perhaps possible we are making things worse! But why Kosovo, why not the Sudan, or China, or interior Mexico? Because the change agents tortured you into caring specifically about the Kosovo situation in exclusion to other international issues!

Again events like the OJ trial and the Clinton/Lewinsky affair are so over -covered, that the longing pain and discomfort that it creates, either serves to turn you into a submissive zombie or crying out for relief from the pain of the over exposure. We cry out for comfort from our pain, and are willing to sacrifice self autonomy and rule in the process. All of us should be mindful of how the media violators are manipulating us by torturing us into pacified, fearful minds of mush.

I'm afraid that Satan's techniques are alive and well in the COG as well. I saw many strong men cave in during the fall of the WCG by the subtle techniques of cognitive dissonance, mental torture and brainwashing. Many in wanting to make the "mental pain" go away simply gave in to the system. Since that time, the constant splits, doctrinal debates, infighting, spiritual weirdness etc. has served to pacify us more and more. I seriously can't remember a single 3 month period of time in the last 6 years that didn't have some governmental COG "tragedy" occur that served to shock and mortify us. It is creating an atmosphere of apathy, hopelessness, & despair and must be battled at all costs.

In order to survive these last days I encourage all of you, (Do not let mental pain and torture be the deciding factor in your choices either carnally or spiritually!) Do not submit your "God given" sovereignty to anyone to relieve mental pain. This how the spiritual change agents operate, whether they are in the media, this worlds governments or the COG. As the Psalms declare "Be still and know that I am God", shield your mind with the armor of God!

May God Bless you all.
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