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A Sign of the Anti-Christ?
Could there be a connection between Abraham and the Antichrist?
First I must state that the term Anti-Christ means those that do not believe that Jesus the Messiah is the Son of the Holy Father. This can include the Jews, Muslims, or even Catholics that teach we should go to and worship the one they refer to as Mary. Let's start with a historical perspective: Thousands of years have passed since the Prophets of the Old Testament wrote that the Messiah would come to redeem Israel and give them an eternal King and Hundreds of years have passed since Jesus ascended back into the third heaven to prepare the kingdom He promised to bring back to this earth in the future and Hundreds of years have also passed since Mohamed wrote in the Qur'an about the virgin Mary and Jesus the Messiah and even warned Christians about their breaking of the New Covenant.

From our research we have found some very interesting facts that may surprise many Christians and Jews and Muslims alike. As some bible students know the Hebrew, Christian, and Muslim religions originate from the same time, place, and "father" whose name was Abraham. Yes Abraham is the father of Isaac and traditional founder of the ancient Hebrew nation and is also acknowledged by Muslims to be the ancestor and father of the Arab peoples through Abraham’s first born son Ishmael. This is a fact but the main question is which son; Ishmael or Isaac received the birthright? Thus the problem that has existed for thousands of years, and is today becoming the nucleus for what could become World war III if they don't come to an agreement. Muslims regard Adam as the first prophet, and they believe the Scrolls concerning Abraham; The Torah" or Pentateuch of Moses; and the Book of Psalms by King David, as well as the Gospel of Jesus are valid, however they believe Jesus was only a prophet because as they state in the Qur'an there is but ONE God and to teach there could be Son' s of God is Blasphemy and worthy of death!

According to the account in Gen. 17:15-20 Abram and Sarah were promised a son by God however Sarah did not believe she could conceive a child because of her age, and as a result of her unbelief the scriptures relate that Abram and Sarah agreed that they would have a son who would be Abram’s heir through Sarah's handmaid, Hagar, and the scriptures record that Hagar had a son named Ishmael. (Note: Abram was "Abraham’s name at this time" God changed it to Abraham and it is important to note that God did not change Abram’s name to Abraham until "after" Ishmael was born. Abram was eighty-six years old when Ishmael was born and he was ninety-nine when God changed his name to Abraham and made the covenant with him. It is acknowledge by many that the changing of his name to Abraham was in fact part of the covenant because the name "Abraham" itself means "Father of many" that became known as the twelve tribes of Israel and as scripture records there were also twelve tribes of Ishmael.

The Christian & Jewish holy texts claims that God gave the promise to the Hebrew people but the Qur'an claims the promise was given to Ishmael because he was the first born. The first born was always the one to receive the honor of the father's place, and the Hebrew people can not refute that Ishmael was the first born of Abram because their own scriptures back this up. However the Hebrews and Christians claim that Ishmael was not the first born son from Sarah, (Abraham’s legal wife) and that God had chosen Sarah, so therefore Ishmael could not be heir of the promise. Remember the scriptures relate that Abram and Sarah agreed (Not God.) that they would have a son who would be Abram’s heir through Sarah's handmaid, Hagar. This is a very important note because this fact is the pivot point to the wars that have taken many thousands of lives over hundreds of years.

It is believed by Muslims that the scriptures in the Hebrew bible was later changed as we read according to the Hebrew text, when Abraham was promised, and received, a son from Sarah, his legal wife. We read in Gen. 17:18-19 that Abraham presented Ishmael to God but he was rejected by God. “And Abraham said to God, "Oh, that Ishmael might live before You!" Then God said: "No, Sarah your wife shall bear you a son, and you shall call his name Isaac; I will establish My covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his descendants after him.”

Remember the story in Gen 22:1-2 when God tested Abraham to take his son and offer him there as a burnt offering? "Now it came to pass after these things that God tested Abraham, and said to him, "Abraham!" And he said, "Here I am." And He said, "Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you." (The Muslims believe that it was Ishmael that was taken on this trip and that this account was also changed in the Hebrew text.) It is believed by both groups that this test was the great sign from God who was the son that God had chosen to be the heir of the house of Abraham. This is the very event that the Hebrew, Christian, and Muslim religions use as proof that God had given the birth right to them with all the promises God gave to their father Abraham. This is why the two groups also demand by virtue of a right the land in the Middle East which includes the area from Libya to Afghanistan, usually including Egypt, Sudan, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the other countries of the Arabian peninsula.

The same story is recorded in the Qur'an and records that the oldest child of Abraham (Ishmael) was the one to be sacrificed on the mountain to test Abraham's obedience to Allah. Ch. 37 Vs. 100-114 page 445. But as stated above in the Hebrew writings, God did not include Ishmael in this covenant. So what we have thousands of years later is the same conflict of two brothers claiming the birthright of their father Abraham and when we understand this fact we may see why many prophecies relate to this conflict.

The big point and identifier we find in the prophecies of the Old Testament and the record of the New Testament is "Do you believe that God would send His Son Jesus the Messiah to bring a New Covenant to all mankind? Do you believe the old prophets that God sent to prepare His people for the coming of this great One that would bring a New Covenant and do away with the old? Those that disbelieve would be rejected as Anti-Christ and as stated above the term "Anti-Christ means those that do not believe God can have a Son, and as some teach that those that claim Jesus was the Son of God or the Messiah is a infidel. Question is do the Muslims believe that God can have a Son? Absolutely not! We find in the Qur'an under "Doctrine of the Son ship of God" Chapter 9 Vs. 30-31 page 177 that the Jews and Christians are taking their Monks and divines for Lords and that there is but one God Allah. Do Muslims believe that Jesus was the prophesied Messiah that was to come? No! We do however find in the Qur'an under "Christianity" Chapter 4 Vs. 172 page 97 as stated in the introduction above that they do believe Jesus was a prophet.

We also find this same admission in Chapter 19 Vs. 31-34 in the Qur'an. But Islam (extremist or not), is not the only religion that believes Jesus was but a prophet and not the Son of God. Some Christian ministers are even teaching today that Jesus was a created being and not Divine which means He could not have been the one that was speaking during the creation of the world which goes against scriptures such as we find recorded in the book of John chapter one. Also they discount the main point that Jesus our savior had to be Devine in order to become the eternal sacrifice. They also discount the prophecies we find in the book of Isaiah chapter 7:14 which states; "Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel." Which corresponds with Matthew chapter 1: verses 22-23 which states; So all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying: "Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel," which is translated, "God with us."

I'm not making any predictions here but just laying out historcal facts for our understanding and consideration. One thing that we need to truly understand about what is coming in the future is that the seven last plagues are going to be poured out upon those who accepted the mark of the beast and those who denied Jesus as there Eternal Most Holy high Priest. Yes brethren  those who accept Jesus through His Eternal Blood Sacrifice will have been resurrected before the seven Awesome plagues of the Wrath of God is poured out from the Bowls of the seven Angels. Read the account in Revelation chapter 16 posted below and give thanks to the Almighty Creator's love and commit to Him alone lest you find yourself standing on Earth when these plagues are poured out. To continue following men in these churches is a path to destruction, and great suffering not only from the plagues but from the separation from our Creator and His Kingdom knowing the first Resurrection has occurred and you were not in the first Resurrection. Take this very seriously my friends. Don't just Read Revelation Chapter 16 but study it in prayer if you want to understand.

Regards: Timothy Youngblood