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Ideology is the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group and I do believe that Ideology is the enemy of biblical truth!

It has been rightly stated by some learned men that Ideology causes people to become delusional.

As I stated in an answer on a social network... Theology is the study of God as the word Theo in the Greek is God but today it gets into a certain theology such as what a denomination will teach as their theology. That brings into play doctrine, rites, and rituals so yes theology started out to be the study of God but has become something that gets into "Ideology" which gets into how to worship, pray or baptize. In many Christian churches it has even gotten into "mythology" such as a fat man in a red suit giving out gifts to millions of nice children or a bunny laying colored chicken eggs in the grass. Brethren we should be mindful of the theology of men.

How are the Churches being deceived?

The Jesuit way is diplomacy, ideology, and propaganda to infiltrate the church.

It is Ideology that these ministers involved in the ecumenical movement are focusing the people on in order to deceive. The goal is to leaven society. All independent ideas must be put under death and bring in 'love and unity.' And this can be found in "Jesuit Higher Education pg 34."

Let’s look at some information that will shine a light on the truth.

First of all Celebration is the term used for most of the agenda and Celebration is a Roman Catholic term intended to unite all under the Pope.

Music is one of the most important celebrations. This can be found in the Document of Vatican II January 5, 1959 titled "Council of Trent " and called "Celebration." Notice that the music and singing has taken over the service as we covered concerning the Mega-Churches? Teaching and study of the scriptures are fading out.

Let's take a look at the list noted and I will give the place where you can find the statements here.

The Charismatic movement is the glue to bind the churches, along with Jesuits infiltrating all churches." This information is under the title: "The Church is Charismatic ~ World Council of Churches."

"Pentecostalism is promoted by the Vatican as a unifying element between the Catholic Church and other churches. In 1972 the Vatican met with the Pentecostal church leaders." This information is From: Called Confessions of Dialogue. They teach that a grass roots rebellion can be expected, but use the leaders to knit them back through obedience to leadership. Each church will have its own Emblem, but ministers of all churches will work together. They say…Build on Vatican II and use a "faith and order model' preach a 'community of faith.' Tell the congragation they just 'need to believe.' " This information is From: "Unity of the Churches Fries and Rahner pg. 54."

"Teach that The church has priority over the individual, and the church has priority over the word. The individual will submit to the 'natural law.' Which is what is known in the Catholic Church as Canon Law. This information is From: "Catholic Philosophy ~ McKenzie."

"Jesuits like to have a creed because they can "work it"; and change it over a period of time -- each church is to develop its own creed." This information
is From: "The Shaking."
You can find the Jesuit Oath called The complete Oath of Extreme Induction at a link below.

" Propaganda and rumor will help to break down morals and will destroy the heretical enemies. It doesn't matter if the rumor is true. This information is
"Storming to Power."

They also state they need to Use rumor in groups. That they should drop rumors in midst of friends. People are to depend more and more on others for knowledge, and not on their own studies. Anyone who disagrees is "divisive." English Common Law was a battle against Canon Law. The pilgrims came to this country to escape Canon Law. The Catholic Church wishes to reestablish Canon Law." This information is From: "The Perth Declaration."

Then we have..." Use of 'spiritual gifts" and tests given to discern gifts -- church decides, ultimately what a person's gifts are." [ A way to control what others are able to do, or not do. This information is from "Apostolic Model pg. 183.'

Next is... Use of 'spirit guides' as bright lights, and imaging in prayer and meditation. One must create one's own image of Christ. A Jesuit method of 'Spiritual Exercises' " This information is from Companions of the Inner Way Morton Kelly; pg. 130, 131, 133,

Next is... "When mankind is ready and has reached a higher conscience through prayer imaging than the Cosmic Christ will come" This information is from: "The Cosmic Christ by Matthew Fox."

This last information is From: "History of the Reformation. The new rule for thinking must be for the congregation to come to think that black is white, best accomplished in a cell group setting' they say Teach to the common people and they use a 30 day program and want you to "surrender your will to your leaders; It is stated in"Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignaious of the Jesuits. that People under mindless obedience make the best persecutors.

Here's what they tell ministers to do.
"Establish a dialogue between organizations. Seek to learn from other points of view, not just defend your own." "Clearly define doctrinal differences and respect everyone's right to practice his beliefs without criticism or condemnation. "Plan joint activities between church organizations. Begin with social activities. Work toward combined Holy Day services and even combined Sabbath services, especially in areas in which members are few and far between. Establish ground rules such as: Preach on common ground, avoiding issues that could cause offense. Make sure members understand and respect doctrinal differences. Make announcements and give news of all the groups represented. Do not allow what they term put-downs, pressure or proselytizing. They say "Pursue other joint ventures in publishing, evangelism and educational seminars.

These comments were from John Robinson, "Barnabas Ministries Promotes Bridge-Building between Groups," In- Transition, March 25, 1996: Notice there were no mention of the truth and what God has already stated as doctrine! Also the statement, "do not allow put-downs, pressure or proselytizing" is in truth to say stop people from correcting those with false doctrines, or ideas that are in reality sin. Notice that they grouped "put-downs" in with the statement thus making pressure, and proselytizing in the same relationship with put-downs. Ministers use pressure, and proselytizing when they want you to attend their church. They would even admit it if asked in a different way. This is what all the ministers in hierarchical systems will teach because it is the only way that keeps people in the system paying tithes to those at the top.

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