Foxe's Book of Martyrs
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In the 1550's, the Church at Geneva, Switzerland, was very sympathetic to the reformer refugees and was one of only a few safe havens for a desperate people. Many of them met in Geneva, led by Myles Coverdale and John Foxe (publisher of the famous Foxe's Book of Martyrs, which is to this day the only exhaustive reference work on the persecution and martyrdom of Early Christians and Protestants from the first century up to the mid-16th century), as well as Thomas Sampson and William Whittingham. There, with the protection of the great theologian John Calvin (author of the most famous theological book ever published, Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion)and John Knox, the great Reformer of the Scottish Church, the Church of Geneva determined to produce a Bible that would educate their families while they continued in exile.

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About the book and the author

1 History of Christian Martyrs to the First General Persecutions Under Nero
2 The Ten Primitive Persecutions
3 Persecutions of the Christians in Persia
4 Papal Persecutions
5 An Account of the Inquisition
6 An Account of the Persecutions in Italy, Under the Papacy
7 An Account of the Life and Persecutions of John Wickliffe
8 An Account of the Persecutions in Bohemia Under the Papacy
9 An Account of the Life and Persecutions of Martin Luther
10 General Persecutions in Germany
11 An Account of the Persecutions in the Netherlands
12 The Life and Story of the True Servant and Martyr of God, William Tyndale
13 An Account of the Life of John Calvin
14 Prior to the Reign of Queen Mary I
15 An Account of the Persecutions in Scotland During the Reign of King Henry VIII
16 Persecutions in England During the Reign of Queen Mary
17 Rise and Progress of the Protestant Religion in Ireland; with an Account of the Barbarous Massacre of 1641
18 The Rise, Progress, Persecutions, and Sufferings of the Quakers
19 An Account of the Life and Persecutions of John Bunyan
20 An Account of the Life of John Wesley
21 Persecutions of the French Protestants in the South of France, During the Years 1814 and 1820
22 The Beginnings of American Foreign Missions

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Foxx's book of Martyers