Satanic logos, & Logograms
A Study By: Timothy Youngblood
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The Master's Table

Part one

These pages will have many different types of logos, and logograms with the information for each satanic logo. These logograms show up in games, advertisements, cartoons, movies, and school projects, our children are involved in. We need to be educated on these symbols so we can understand what is being presented and how they are being used. Satan is taking over this world as the Bible foretold and we as true Christians need to be aware of his deceptions.

If you study into the many Satanists organization logos you would find that they interlock, in one way or another in many Churches, societies such as the Masons, and even in business. Studying into these logos is a great way to detect them, because once you have learned what their logos look like they will be easy to spot. We are not necessarily accepting these things if we buy a product that has them as their logo. Please understand that the mark of the beast is not in effect until the beginning of the three and one half year reign of the beast power.

The reason we need to understand these things now is to keep us sharp and watching how Satan is bringing in his one world rule. We don't want to become so suspicious and mistrustful that we become so obsessed with these things that we can't function. By watching and learning about these Satanic logos, and logograms we can side step games and other Church or school activities that involves Santanic divination. I for example, would not want my children to get involved with a game using the ouija board. Learning and watching for these things is just as vital to our spiritual growth and being close to our God in holiness as learning about and rejecting the pagan idols and days of worship to the sun gods of Egypt.

Many people have been lead to believe that the logos of Satan are not important and have nothing to do with their salvation, however the logos, and logograms of Satanic worship do have great meaning and can lead you away from the true God of heaven. If symbols were not important then why are they used to identify nations, religions, and many corporations? Why did God instruct us to not use symbols and idols in our worship of Him in the Ten Commandments? Ex. 20:1-4.

Most people have seen the connect the dots game so this will serve as a good point for us to understand how tarot cards are used by witches as a magical tool to tell fortunes. I took a Tarot spread titled "The Twelve Houses" which consists of 13 cards and I drew lines between corner points from the top card towards the 13th. card revealing the Iron Cross worn by the Nazis during the second World war. This symbol shows up in many places such as the Masons, and even in Churches called by the name Christian as found to be used by the most powerful Church in the world. Notice the "Iron cross" on the Pope in the third picture as well as on the rendering of Nomrod and ask why the Pope is wearing a symbol related to witchcraft and Sun worship?


By connecting the dots of many symbols we can reveal the numerological points that open the powers of Satan and his demons. The five pointed star, or pentagram is used to call demons as well as many other Santanic functions. Satan's followers wear these symbols so they can keep these points of power to Satan open to them as they travel or to show who they are to fellow worshippers. This can be found on buildings, rings, advertisements, or even a country's currency as we will see in part two on our one dollar bills. Numbers are very important to the occultists such as the number nine.

One reason they love the number nine is because Jesus (The one they hate.) died at the ninth hour. They also teach that there are nine orders of devils. To the pagans nine is the sacred number because it's three multiplied by itself to give what they believe to be eternity, compleation, and fulfillment. In China it's the number of celestial power; their nine-storied pagoda is a symbol of heaven. The symbol for nine used in worship is the enneagram, a triangle system with nine points. Notice the symbols around the enneagram as they are the symbols you will see in the cloud in part two also, and these same symbols show up in astrology. Astrology is Satanic divination using the signs and symboles of the stars. Also notice the tarot card below that witches use. She has the moon and nine stars around her head. I drew lines from the center of the stars to show the hidden meaning. You can also see with this group of slides a diagram of a man in a pentagram and the palm with these same Satanic signs.

Many companys use satanic logos and some are hidden unless one know what to look for. All I had to do is invert the photo.


What company is this logo from? You will have to answer that as I'm not in the buisness of pointing fingers.

The other numbers important to occultists are 33, 3, 13, 666, or just 6. Remember the teaching of the old triune god is three. Satan is depicted holding the trident and it's also the symbol of the old Roman sea god, Neptune as you will see in the slide below at the end. Remember this symbol is also the sign for Neptune as shown in the first two pictures below called the enneagram. When you see a picture or drawing of a person with nine stars over their head it is an enneagram and for those that know what to look for it is a sign. The Hindu god Shiva also holds the trident and is of the triune gods Brahma, and Vishnu that depicts birth, life and death, mind, body and soul, or man, woman, and child. This is where the teaching of the father, son and holy ghost came from, not the Bible.


The most important symbols are the sun, moon, stars, and earth. Remember the old Proctor & Gamble logo with the man in the moon with 13 stars? There's a shop that sells candles, jewelry, incense, oils, and gives psychic readings called "Euphoria" that has the same symbol with the exception being the man in the moon is a woman or a witch.


The three-pointed triangle you see on the end is the symbol that is used in different ways to make many magical figures that opens the powers of darkness. Ever heard of "Abracadabra"? The letters of the word are arranged in an inverted triangle or pyramid and worn as an amulet. To say these words is to give one access to areas most humans can't enter. See part two for more.

Timothy M. Youngblood
The Master's table