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Do you consider yourself a Watchmen ?
Yes we are to be sounding the alarm and God will call many before the two witnesses are sent out. That is why I stated in the introduction to The Great Apostasy that there needs to be many more added to the ranks of the army of God in these last days. This message needs to get out because those men that state they are the only ones called to do the work are wrong because God is calling many and those men that state they are the only ones called to do the work need to humble themselves and understand God is calling many and a person does not have to be approved by men to do this end time work. The truth is that we all need to get into the fight against those that try to place themselves into the seat of the Messiah.

The purpose of this section is to reveal how symbols play a vital role in our way of thinking and the way we accept Satanic ideas without realizing we are doing it. The many symbols you will see here are very familiar in our society and churches, and because we are so accustomed to them we don't see the hidden message. Is it possible that the sun god Ra, or Ray is worshipped by most people that claim to be Christians? Is it possible that Christians worship the pagan gods of Hades (the god of the dead) and the pagan goddess Ester, or even Tammuz? Have you ever proven what you believe is truly from the Bible? Do you know where your religious practices such as Christmas , Easter, and Halloween came from? Do you know why Easter services are conducted facing the sun as it rises? Do you know why christians worship on the first day of the week called Sunday but in antiquity was called the day of the sun and not on the commanded seventh day ? Have you ever looked into where the cross came from and what it truly means? Do you know who the Madonna really is and why she is worshipped even over Jesus in the Catholic Church? What many Christians are not understanding is that Satan has not ceased at all in his quest to destroy the gospel of Jesus our savior. There is an ongoing Apostasy in many of the churches called Christian and it does not matter if one is a Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Church of Christ, Seventh day Adventists, or one of the offshoots of the World Wide Church of God. Many have had pagan religions and ritualism weaved into their church doctrines over the years, and are unknowingly going into Apostasy. I just wonder how long it will be till they all accept again the doctrine of Transubstantiation ?

We are also becoming accustomed to the many key words being used in sermons and political speeches today that we are losing site of the true intent. The truth is that words have meaning just as actions have consequances! Let's take a look at the following words so we can become aware of the direction many are being lead by the Ecumenical movement. They are Center of Universe, Universal, Our Higher power, God is in everything, All religions worship the same God, Service unites, and Doctrine divides, Live and let live, Diversified, Tolerance, Love, Unity, Unification, Ecumenical goodwill, Evangelism, Participation, Separated sisters and brothers, Separated Churches, Compromise, Agree to Disagree, Interfaith, Reform, Faith beyond walls, Interfaith Dialogue, Interfaith Partnership, and Building Bridges.

Believe me when I say there are enemies of the gospel. Believe me when I say we are living in the time Jesus warned us about when He stated "Many will come in My Name and shall deceive the many." Matt. 24: 5 This means they will come in the name "Christian" and shall deceive. Believe me when I say your salvation is in in danger if you follow a man and just go along with anything he teaches without proving it out. Do you believe that you can receive salvation through Buddha, Muhammad, or the sun god Ray? Do you truly believe as a Christian you can receive salvation any place other than through Jesus the Messiah? Well my friend, Satan knows you can't and that's why he uses cunning deception to attack the true gospel of Jesus the Christ. When one looks into the long history of the Catholic Church we find that many pagans were accepted into that Church over the years expecting to convert them, however, the pagans strength in numbers and influence allowed them to change the Church. The pagan gods of Tammuz, Ray, Ester, Argus, and the Queen of heaven (Or Mylitta) were among those accepted. What many don't realize is that the out cast Churches retained many of the old pagan practices when the protestant reformation ended. Brethren, if we accept these false gods in any way, we very well may be accepting another gospel, and looking to another savior. Please, never underestimate Satan's power and deceptions.

All pagan gods and their origins are from one source...Satan, either by direct worship of Satan or by indirect usage of pagan symbols being passed down through many hundreds of years. Question is do you believe that many pagan gods have infiltrated most Christian churches?

Many Christians don't realize that pagans state that they gave birth to the modern Christian Religion, and the Christian Holidays and for Pagans to say they are not worshipping Satan no more than Christians are worshipping Satan is true to a great extent when one uses the term "Christian Religion" which is the very reason we created the Masters Table site. We created this site in order to show that Paganism has infiltrated and defiled the true Christian Church that Jesus started at the first Pentecost and to prove that there is only one true God who created all things and that He hates paganism and will destroy it when He returns.

The very definition of unity is to be together; to be at one with each other. In fact unity is the absence of diversity. Diversity is to be divided; not at one with each other. The two terms are contradictory and should never even be considered together like we are finding in the world and Churches.

By bringing these two terms together in the way the New World order people are doing is to bring sure destruction to all mankind. If God would not in His love for us intervene in the future we would completely destroy ourselves from the face of the earth. Some may say that is a drastic and irresponsible statement, but if you think it through and read the article at the URL below, you will see my point. 

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