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Divinity of Jesus

Jesus' Lineage

Was Jesus Melchizedek?

The New Covenant
(The Book of Hebrews)

New Covenant timeline

Kingdom of God

Teachings of Jesus

The ten Virgens

The Gospel

The Holy Spirit

Law vs. Grace

Holy Days

Holy Sabbath

Holy Sabbath/Sunset to Sunset

The Lord's Table

Intelligent Design?

Just what is Faith

How should we pray?

Church introduction

Church Government

Truth on Tithing

Bible's Credibility

Bible's Credibility


Is that in the Bible?

Bible words??

What is Doctrine?

After Death?

Born again?

Heaven after death?

Hell ~ Just what is it?

The Resurrection

"A Rapture?"

Women & Leadership

Pifers tithe study-1

Tithe study-2

Rev. 6 vs Matt. 24

Outer Darkness?

10 Commandments


Choices we Make

By Their Fruits

Just what is Sin?

Unpardonable sin

"Armageddon ?"

Harmony of Prophecy

Armor of God


Christ-Mass Facts

Is Easter Christian?

Son's of Noah charts