Author: Timothy M. Youngblood
Presented By: The Master's Table

The term "Apostasy" means a desertion or departure from one's religion or principles and has been used many times down through Church history to denote, in most part, a departure from a particular Church doctrine. The usage of the term "Apostasy" in this book refers strictly to the systematic method many Christian denominations have used while following the Catholic Church into the Greatest Apostasy ever. We can find, and will cover in this book the evidence in the New Testament that Paul himself warned that there were those in the Church who wanted to pervert the true gospel. We will also examine a dire warning directed to all Christians about a great falling away from the truth in these end times. The purpose of this book is to expose this Great Apostasy and to present the original and true gospel of Jesus the Messiah according to plain scripture. You will see evidence in this book that the Catholic Church states that they have the right to change what Jesus and His Apostles taught. So in this book, the True Gospel as Jesus gave it must be presented along side the Apostasy in order to convey what has been slipped into the very Church that God's Son Jesus the Messiah started almost 2,000 years ago.

It may surprise you but many misguided ministers have preached a gospel of the love of God so long that it has turned into a gospel of tolerance. As a result professing Christians have become permissive in their attitude towards those whose opinions and practices are contrary to the true word of God. Man's opinions only opens the door for any kind of doctrine man wishes to put forth as the doctrine of God to deceive the people for their own purposes. Jesus the Messiah came preaching THE GOSPEL from the Holy Father whom is in Heaven. It is very important to understand that Jesus did not come preaching His own gospel, nor did He change anything He received from the Holy Father. If He had He would have become an unfaithful servant and could not have been the Messiah and our savior. Jesus came introducing the Holy Father for the very first time to the world and taught that we could have the same personal relationship with the Holy Father that Jesus Himself has. This is the very core of the gospel message and the plan of salvation that has been set in motion since the foundation of the world, but many people have never heard of the very important seven parts of the plan of salvation of God even though they are taught throughout the bible.

The anti-Christ and those who love Satan are working hard day and night to destroy, pervert, and hide the true covenant God has made with us. Remember Satan rebelled against God and took 1/3 of the angels with him. Satan desires to be worshipped as the highest God, and he's been working towards the goal of being the God mankind worships for almost 6,000 years. If he can't divert people through the lust of the flesh he will divert them into a false religion with old pagan ceremony's and false gods to worship. Satan will not come with his name on the door, but will use the name Jesus. If those who claim to be Christians (one who follows Christ) would look into the many practices of their Church and study the history of their doctrines they would have to conclude some may be accepting paganism. This may shock many people, but ask yourself this…have you ever proven what you believe is truly from the Bible? Do you know why some Christians look to a St. Christopher for protection? Do you know who the Madonna really is and why she is worshipped even over Jesus in the Catholic Church? Most importantly, do you see the need and have the courage to ask and answer these and many other questions? Because of this Great Apostasy many Christians don't realize that there is a false Christ being presented to the Christian Church, and most importantly many may not even be saved if they have not believed on and received the real Messiah! We will examine the statements by Jesus Himself that people would preach, cast out demons, and do many things in His name and still not receive salvation.

Let's notice this statement in Matt 7:21-23. "But he who does the will of My Father in heaven." This is a very important statement because if we can't be saved unless we do the will of the Holy Father in heaven then we must learn what His will is. The Great tribulation is coming upon the whole world one day because mankind has denied God and began to teach false doctrines, and are worshipping the cross, Madonna, and a figure they claim to be Christ on a cross, but is only the man made idol of a false Christ. You will find in this book how this letting down on the teachings about Satan's goals and accepting the old teachings of the Catholic Church is bringing about an Apostasy in many of the churches called Christian.

This book covers the subjects of "The divinity of Jesus the Messiah", "The credibility of the Bible", "The true gospel, and false doctrine." It covers "The new covenant and God's seven-point plan of salvation." It covers the ecumenical movement, and expounds on the apostasy's snare that can lead into committing the unpardonable sin, and how to avoid it. It warns of what the anti-Christs are teaching and how to refute them using the word of God. It also covers the very important subject of who truly holds the keys to the Kingdom and what He will do with them. After studying these subjects the student will understand that it is not about religion but more about the importance of the first oracles of the Church of God! This book will guide many to the true savior whom has the real keys to the door of salvation that Satan wants to lock. You will find many of your lifelong questions answered, and new ones you may not have thought about.

You will learn how to have a loving relationship with God our Holy Father, and Jesus our elder brother because you will have come into a right understanding of how to worship God and how to access the power of God, and then move towards your greatest destiny with the real help of the Holy Spirit. Many people today don't believe that God is going to pour out plagues on this earth to destroy this pagan system going under the name Christian, but those poor pre-flood souls did not believe Noah when he preached repentance, and those in Egypt did not believe the preaching of Moses when he warned them what God would do if they did not let Israel go. One day in the future God will send the two great witnesses who will come to bring a message of the coming kingdom, and an uncompromising warning for the world to repent of this perversion of His Church. Will we believe them?

We do not intend to put anyone down, or speak evil of any person, however, our intent is to expose these false doctrines, in God's true love, and hopefully help many people wake up to the truth that the true gospel Jesus preached is under attack!! Please don't let some man tell you what Jesus wants you to do. Research it for yourself and prove all things. As you will learn in this book, no man should ever claim by virtue of a right to be the successor or advocate of Jesus here on earth, and all Christians should look to Jesus alone for their place in the body, (Church) and you will learn that the true structure of the Church is like a vine as Jesus Himself described in John 15:4-7.

If we are truly doing what Jesus commissioned for His church then we will be ready when He returns and, as He admonished us to do, we will be able to give our Master back an increase of five fold or ten fold from what we started with. It is the doing of the gospel that keeps us moving forward, and gaining strength as we focus on the task of getting the message of the gospel of the Kingdom of God out to this dying world. The closer we get to the time of the end the more there is a necessity to add more defenders of the truth to the ranks of the army of God. Yes we all need to learn of and return to the original teaching of the first Church that Jesus is the head, and we need to realize that there is error and be faithful in correcting it. Christ will hold the ministers and teachers responsible for their teaching but He will hold those who did not search for the truth responsible if they have a lukewarm attitude. The question is... do you want to follow Christ, or do you just want to believe what is easy and smooth? Are you PLAYING Church, or are you serious about following the Lamb where ever He goes?

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In Jesus' Service
Author Timothy M. Youngblood